Lily Nevermore

"Don't look at me, I'm just your friendly neighborhood lagomorph!"


Lily C. Nevermore Character Sheet 05/18/09

Changeling NPC Character ID: Player: XP Unspent: 0 Status: Active XP Earned: 0

Kith: Pooka Seeming: Wilder Seelie Legacy: Bumpkin Unseelie Legacy: Fiend Court: Unseelie House: Title: M/R Threshold: Foster Dreams

Glamour: 5 OOOOO Banality: 2 OO Willpower: 3 OOO Temp. Banality: 2 OO

14 Physical Traits: 0 Negative Physical Traits:

Aggressive Dexterity x3 Enduring Stalwart Stamina x4 Strength x3 Vicious

13 Social Traits: 0 Negative Social Traits:

Appearance x3 Beguiling Charismatic x3 Expressive Genial Ingratiating Intense Manipulative x2

10 Mental Traits: 1 Negative Mental Traits:

Focused Squeamish Intelligence x3 Patient Perception x2 Shrewd Wits x2

12 Abilities: 7 Backgrounds:

Dodge x2 Contacts x2 Empathy Dross Flight Faerie Blood Gremayre Holdings x2 Kenning x2 Husk Leadership Lore: Changeling Lore: Dreaming Mythlore x2

0 Influences: 1 Status:


Realms: Health Levels:

Fae: Hearty Commoner Healthy x2 Nature: Verdant Forest Bruised x3 Nature: Feral Animal Wounded x2 Incapacitated Mortally Wounded


Chicanery: Fuddle (basic) Chicanery: Tip of the Tongue (int.) Dream Craft: The Merry Dance (basic) Primal: Willow-Whisper (basic) Primal: Eldritch Prime (basic)


Lily was too young when her parents died to remember them clearly but she dreams of foxes dancing to pan flutes and she is comforted by this. She was brought to Wymyn as an infant and grew up during the revolution, this has led her to be far more “wild” than her sister or adopted brother. Because of this she also is not actively part of the new rebellion, this life is the only one she has ever known and she won’t do something to destroy that. She isn’t opposed to them either though, as she is loyal to her siblings. She’s about as self-centered as any teen can be expected.

Lily Nevermore

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