Tony Jonie


Seelie Legacy: Unseelie Legacy: Court: Unseelie House: Title: M/R Threshold:

Glamour: 4 OOOO Banality: 5 OOOOO Willpower: 5 OOOOO Temp. Banality: 5 OOOOO

9 Physical Traits: 0 Negative Physical Traits:

Dexterity x2 Stamina x4 Strength x3

7 Social Traits: 0 Negative Social Traits:

Appearance x2 Charisma Manipulation x4

13 Mental Traits: 0 Negative Mental Traits: Intelligence x4 Perception x4 Wits x5

28 Abilities: 5 Backgrounds: --- ---— Athletics x2 Allies x2 Brawl x3 Chimera x2 Dodge x2 Contacts Intimidation x4 Kenning Leadership x3 Lore: Changeling x2 Medicine x2 Melee x2 Politics x2 Stealth Survival x4

Realms: Health Levels: -- ---— Actor: True Friend Healthy x2 Fae: Hearty Commoner Bruised x3 Fae: Lofty Noble Wounded x2 Fae: Manifold Chimera Incapacitated Nature: Raw Material Mortally Wounded Scene: House


Chicanery: Fuddle (basic) Primal: Willow-Whisper (basic) Wayfare: Hopscotch (basic) Wayfare: Hopscotch (basic) Wayfare: Wind Runner (int.) Primal: Eldritch Prime (basic)

Equipment / Chimera / Treasures:

Ax (+3, 2 Lethal, Clumsy) Blooded Gauntlets Heavy Pistol (+2, 2 Lethal, Loud)


Tony Jonie

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