Maiti Foyle

Every town needs a bartender and Wymyn has Maiti


Kith: Boggan Seeming: Wilder Seelie Legacy: Saint Unseelie Legacy: Knave Court: Seelie House: Title: M/R Threshold:

Glamour: 4 Banality: 2 Willpower: 2 Temp. Banality: 2

Physical Traits: Dexterity x2 Stamina x2 Strength x2

Social Traits: Appearance x3 Charisma x4 Manipulation x2

Mental Traits: Intelligence x3 Perception x3 Wits x4

Abilities: Backgrounds: Academics Contacts Athletics Faerie Blood x2 Brawl x2 Household Dodge Empathy x4 Enigmas Expression Gremayre Lore: Changeling x3 Lore: Dreaming x2 Meditation Melee Throwing

Merits: Flaws: Ambidextrous (1) Bard’s Tongue (1) Code of Honor (1-2) Curiosity (2) Common Sense (1) Fae Mark: Enchanted Blood (1) Danger Sense (2) Short (1-2) Faerie Eternity (5) Slipped Seeming (5) Luck (3-4)

Realms: Health Levels: Fae Healthy x2 Bruised x3 Wounded x2 Incapacitated Mortally Wounded


Chicanery: Tip of the Tongue (int.) Dream Craft: Walk the Silver Path (basic) Dream Craft: The Merry Dance (basic) Naming: Rune (basic) Soothsay: Tattletale (int.)

Equipment / Chimera / Treasures:

Xander’s Bar


Maiti isn’t picking sides, she’s not a political person, but she knows about everything that goes on in the town. She’s also a great listener, so much in fact that she can tell you a little about yourself if the price is right. Don’t get on her bad side, if she kicks you out there isn’t another bar in the entire city.

Maiti Foyle

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