Paige Culliever


Fera Player: Melody M Fera: Bastet: Bagheera Nature: Commando Breed: Feline Demeanor: Bully Auspice: Twilight Position:

Rank: Tekhmet Pack: Totem: Notoriety: 0

Rage: 2 OO Gnosis: 6 OOOOOO Willpower: 4 OOOO

10 Physical Traits: Dexterous x4 Stamina x3 Strength x3

Appearance x3 Charisma x3 Manipulation x2

Intelligence x3 Perception x4 Wits x3

27 Abilities: 5 Backgrounds: Brawl x2 Jamak x2 Expression x2 Resources x2 Firearms x3 Rites Intimidation x2 Investigation x2 Lore: Fae Lore: Vampire x2 Medicine x2 Melee x2 Primal Urge x2 Stealth x3 Streetwise x2 Survival x2

Health Levels:
                      Healthy x2
                      Bruised x3
                      Wounded x2
                      Mortally Wounded


Bastet: Bagheera: Humbaba’s Escape (basic) Bastet: Feline: Kitten’s Cry (basic) Bastet: Feline: Mark as Mine (basic)


Bastet: Taghairm: Grooming the Newcomer (basic)

Merits: Flaws: -- --- Catlike Balance (1) Moon-Mad (5) Danger Sense (2) Gift of Seline (5)

Equipment / Fetishes:

Armor-Piercing Ammo [Clip of 10] x2 Assault Rifle (+3, 2 Lethal, Loud) Ballistic Vest (+0, 2 Armor Levels, Heavy) Wooden Stake (+2, 1 Lethal, Clumsy)


A deadly woman after the trecherous Red. She is focused on her target and everything else comes second. No one knows why she is hunting Red, but it isn’t hard to make a close guess.

Paige Culliever

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