Wait... didn't she die?


Changeling NPC Kith: Nocker Seeming: Wilder Seelie Legacy: Crafter Unseelie Legacy: Churl Court: Unseelie House: Title: M/R Threshold: Inspire Creativity

Glamour: 4 OOOO Banality: 3 OOO Willpower: 2 OO Temp. Banality: 3 OOO

Physical Traits: Dexterity x4 Stamina x4 Strength x2

Social Traits: Appearance x2 Charisma x2 Manipulation x2

Mental Traits: Intelligence x3 Perception x2 Wits x3

Abilities: Backgrounds: Academics x2 Chimera x3 Athletics Remembrance x2 Computer x3 Crafts x2 Demolitions x2 Dodge x2 Drive x2 Enigmas Firearms x2 Kenning x2 Melee x3 Repair x3 Science x2

Merits: Flaws: Ability Aptitude (1) Dark Fate (5) Chimerical Craftsman (5) Hatred (2) Faerie Eternity (5) Immortal Passion (4) Home Advantage (1) Slipped Seeming (5) Wyld Mind (2)

Realms: Health Levels: Fae: x5 Healthy x2 Bruised x3 Wounded x2 Incapacitated Mortally Wounded

Arts: Chicanery: Veiled Eyes (basic) Dream Craft: Anchor (int.) Infusion: Gilgul (adv.) Legerdemain: Effigy (int.)


This character’s information to be released during gameplay


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