Sarah Rebecca Whately


Kith: Pooka Seeming: Wilder Seelie Legacy: Comrade Unseelie Legacy: Fatalist Court: Unseelie House: n/a Title: n/a M/R Threshold: Help Those in Need

Glamour: 4 OOOO Banality: 1 O Willpower: 2 OO Temp. Banality: 3 OOO

6 Physical Traits: 0 Negative Physical Traits: --- ----—- Athletic x2 Dexterous x2 Energetic x2

8 Social Traits: 0 Negative Social Traits: --- ----—- Charismatic x2 Charming x2 Commanding Intense Threatening Witty

11 Mental Traits: 0 Negative Mental Traits: --- ----—- Alert x3 Clever x5 Dedicated x3

11 Abilities: 9 Backgrounds: --- ---— Animal Ken x2 Allies Blindfighting x2 Chimera x3 Bureaucracy Contacts Disguise x2 Dreamers Empathy Dross Enigmas Faerie Blood x2 Gremayre x2

5 Influences: 0 Status: -- - Learning Military x3 Police

Merits: Flaws: -- --- Animal Affinity (2) Slipped Seeming (5) Catlike Balance (1) Daredevil (3) Faerie Eternity (5) Jack-of-All-Trades (5)

Realms: Health Levels: -- ---— Fae Healthy x2 Bruised x3 Wounded x2 Incapacitated Mortally Wounded


Primal: Eldritch Prime (basic) Primal: Heather Balm (int.) Primal: Holly Strike (adv.) Soothsay: Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair (basic) Wayfare: Portal Passage (int.) Wayfare: Flicker Flash (adv.)

Equipment / Chimera / Treasures:

Ivory Dagger Chimerical Dragon named “Bus”


Sarah moved to Wymyn when she was only 10 years old. She rembembers more about her mother than her sister does and she tries hard to honor her mother’s memory. Even though Akilia gave her life protecting Damiana Sarah feels that she wouldn’t have approved of how the court runs things. After all her mother believed that everyone had a right to live. Sarah rebels in a non-violent way, she helps people escape the wyld hunt and has secreted a few families out through the hedge. She resists bedlam by making these trips and keeping an eye on those she’s helpped escape. She doesn’t want to hurt Damiana, but attempts at talking to her have failed.

Sarah Rebecca Whately

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