Never give a crazy person a reason to hunt you down.


Clan: Malkavian Nature: Deviant Sect: Anarch Demeanor: Child Title: Generation: 7 Sire: Orange

Blood: 10 OOOOOOOOOO Willpower: 6 OOOOOO

Morality Path: Morality Traits: 1 O Conscience/Conviction: 1 O Aura: +0 Self-Control/Instinct: 1 O Courage: 1 O 17 Physical Traits: 0 Negative Physical Traits:

Dexterity x4 Dexterous Energetic Graceful Lithe Nimble Stamina x4 Strength x3 Wiry

Social Traits: Negative Social Traits:

Appearance x3 Untrustworthy x2 Charismatic x2 Charming Cruel Fearsome Manipulative x3 Seductive

Mental Traits: Depraved Disciplined Insidious Intelligence x3 Perception x4 Reflective Shrewd Wits x2

Abilities: Backgrounds:

Brawl Herd Disguise x3 Mentor Firearms x4 Resources x2 Law Lore: Faerie Street Sense x2

5 Influences:

Learning Lowdown Military Underworld x2

Derangements: Antisocial Disorder Bipolar Disorder Compulsive-Aggressive Disorder Crimson Rage Delusional


Celerity: Rapidity (int.) Celerity: Fleetness (adv.) Obfuscate: Mask of a Thousand Faces (int.) Protean: Mist Form (adv.)


Red has a score to settle with Korbin and his brother. 30 years ago her mentor was killed by a werewolf traveling with their father Devlin. She has spent all of her time since then enacting her revenge. She has a long coat that she wears that was made by her Tzimisce lover. It is rumored that it is the still living body of the werewolf that killed Orange pulled into thread and woven into a cloth kept alive in endless torture by vampire blood. Of course no one is certain if this rumor is true and all the members of the party are either dead or wisely hiding from this dead-shot.


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