The City of Wymyn

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Day 1 Korbin and Dade are being hunted by an unseen threat and seek refuge in the Kingdom Of Wymyn. After sending the raven in as a scout they head streight to Xander’s Bar (R.I.P. Xander ) where they meet Maitai and “Grumbles.” By a strange stroke of luck they also meet Paige, a Bastet who is following the young Mages, though they don’t know why. Maitai sends the group out on a quest to free some political prisoners in a peel tower to the Northwest of them, before long the group finds themselves in front of the Wyld hunt. Korbin shoots a Sidhe riding a giant bear in the head after Grumbles distracts her/him by trying to eat the bear’s head. Paige lets loose with ferocious attacks on the hunt killing several members of the party and frightening many away. “Grumbles” bloodied gauntlets latch on to one unfortunate soul and stay there for the rest of his very brief life. Dade dropped a tree on two members of the party who lingered behind. With the hunt defeated and on the run the party continues in the direction of the peel tower.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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