The Story so far:

30 Years Ago: An eleven year old satyr girl with a slipped seeming caused quite a stir when her father enrolled her at an all girls Catholic school in South Texas. She also attracted the attention of several members of different super natural races, some with rather sinister plans for the girl. When she was kidnapped a rag-tag team of were-creatures, changelings and a mage sought to rescue her from a fate worse than death. The girl’s name was Damiana.

20 Years Ago: After the life threatening events in South Texas, Damiana’s father decided to move her to the city of Wymyn where there had been reports of other special children like his daughter. The girl flourished in her new freehold and showed a natural talent for music true to her race. After becoming a star and releasing her first album members of the Moral Citizens Counsel decided to boycott Damiana’s music. Around the same time the seemings of all the fae in the local area slipped, creating havoc as people were no longer protected from the banality of easy disbelief. A political pundit by the last name of Arbor sought to make the fae a scapegoat for the sliding morality of the city and a group of enforcers were brought into the city of women. Hunters, people gifted with the ability to see the supernatural for what they really were and the desire to protect humanity from them. Tensions grew and with the delivery of a disembodied heart to the local freehold all hell broke loose.

Now: The city of Wymyn lives in a state of fear not seen since the dark ages. With banality all but eradicated in the city, fae magic is once again real, and so are the legends. Damiana lords over the fae as Lady of the Realm and has a teenage daughter of her own. A shady character has arisen that has a score to settle with the original rescue party and the Wyld hunt isn’t the only beast running rampant in the thick woods that seemingly grew over night many years ago. With the citizens of the city living in fear of the monsters around every corner the time is right for the scales to be tipped again. But who will it be?

The City of Wymyn

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